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Water mains cleaning

Potable water mains can suffer from sediment build up and the depositing of various elements eg manganese and iron to the inner surface of the pipework. From time to time pipes may need flushing or cleaning to remove such deposits.

OnSite utilises the Typhoon jetting system to clean pipes ranging in diameter from 8 inch to 49 inches. The technology is effective and achieves high levels of cleaning (which are measurable) across wide ranges of pipe types including concrete lined, asbestos cement, bitumen and PE lined.

The technology enables the pig which is hydro powered to switch between propulsion and cleaning operations. The angle of attack and pressure applied in the cleaning is all variable and controlled which allows for a very safe thorough clean of the pipe wall.

Because the technology is powered by water jetting a single point of entry enables ranges of up to 450 meters to be achieved in each direction from a single point of entry giving distances of up to 900m between excavations.

For more information on the Typhoon Potable Water Mains cleaning system visit www.hydrascan.co.uk the company established to develop and enhance water mains cleaning technology in the water industry.

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